• Donnerstag, Dezember 24th, 2009

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Dear family and friends, closest blog readers,

We like to seize the opportunity and this time of the year to wish you all merry Christmas and a happy new year.

This year’s Christmas is going to be a whole different for us. It’s the first time we celebrate together and without our loved ones at home, but we will not be alone at all. Our friends, Jan & Trevor, who we had the privilege to get to know during our journey, invited us to celebrate Christmas together with them and their family. Moreover, the weather makes for a complete up-site-down-feeling for us. For about 9 months we are experiencing summer (half a year of which here in Africa), and it will not be any different on Christmas. Thus, it might not sound funny that we still not really in the proper mood for Christmas.

New Year’s Eve we will spend in Stellenbosch and treat ourselves in the winelands, after which we visit Cape Town and reach the quasi-destination of our journey—nevertheless, we will continue travelling for a couple of weeks.

We look back on a very exciting year in which we experienced a lot. We are very grateful to have such a wonderful family that gave us so much support while preparing our journey and during the travel. Likewise we want to thank our friends which enabled us to almost meet the scheduled departure date by all their practical and emotional help. Last, but definitely not least, we like to seize this opportunity to thank all our colleagues who are looking after our tasks during our absence and who are taking care that nothing gets lost.

Our journey guided us through Europe, the Middle East, and finally Africa. Not only have we seen lots of historic places and natural wonders, yet also met lots of lovely people and got to know new friends like Markus who we met in Istanbul and whose journey through Asia is about to come to an end, like Jan & Trevor who we met in Aqaba and who are our longest and dearest travel mates, or like our English-French-Spanish-German-Landrover-Toyota-Renault-Nissan-convoy consisting of Chris, Carl, Laurent, Boni and Pepe and their families. Our most loyal and forgiving companion must not be unmentioned: “Willi”, our car. He has been with us about 40’000 km on the road and never really failed us.

The helpfulness of people when we faced a problem really impressed us. Among the many we like to thank and name here especially Khaled, who helped us so much in Egypt, Edwin, who supported us in Malawi, or just recently Alwyn in South Africa, who was helping us like an old friend when our second tank leaked and we spoiled our diesel all over his drive-way.

All of the above mentioned and all the many unnamed here contributed to our small “Initiative Rückenwind” such that we can look back to a year full of experience which obeys the maxim: “Think positive and wait to be surprised!” In the media at home Africa is usually depicted as a continent full of crime and violence, however, our “see-for-yourself”-experience is solely positive and we will judge the news about Africa differently in the future. Of course, there is crime, violence, and fighting in Africa, but there is so much more…

We have a few weeks to go, before we will head home in mid of February and restrain from travelling for a long time. Until then we will spend the remaining time in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland visiting friends and be visited by friends and we will continue to (hopefully) fill you with enthusiasm with our blog and all the pictures.

Sunny Christmas-greetings,

Anja & Jörg

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